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Who We Are

Crossroads Media (CRM) is the premier Republican media services firm, specializing in advertising strategy and placement for political candidates, issue advocacy organizations and trade associations. On behalf of its clients, CRM has planned and executed more than $200 million dollars of political media buys at the national, state and local levels. 

Crossroads Media has successfully planned and negotiated political media buys covering network television, spot market television, cable (national and spot), radio, Internet, print and outdoor.  CRM has worked with all levels of elected government in every state, including President, Governor, U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress, State Attorney General, State Supreme Court, Secretary of State, State Senate, State House and City Council.  Crossroads Media has also worked for the Republican Governors Association, Republican National Committee, National Republican Senatorial Committee and National Republican Congressional Committee.  Crossroads has placed media in every state in the country.

Crossroads Media utilizes multiple tools to plan and build efficient, cost effective buys for its clients.  In addition to Nielsen, CRM uses Scarborough, Stellar, and the Arbitron rating service to ensure the most up-to-date and efficient buys.  To complement Stellar, Crossroads Media overlays county voter turnout data with the television DMA’s and radio metros to better target cable and radio.

Crossroads Media’s corporate and trade association experience includes working with national energy and financial groups to promote their legislative agenda in Washington, DC and around the country. 

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