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Research:  Prior to any plan, the Crossroads Media team thoroughly utilizes all available resources to research targeted audiences.  In addition to demographics, we are able to make use of current polling data, historic voting patterns, lifestyle characteristics, and various other indicators to hone in on the target audience.

Planning:  We incorporate all of the research gathered and take into account campaign goals to formulate a unique media plan that will cover all forms of media, including:  broadcast, cable, radio, online and out-of-home advertising.  The media plan is a living document that will be changed as needed to address the campaign environment and specific needs.

Placement:  Crossroads Media will place and monitor every order, regardless of media type, and ensure each spot and campaign creative is running as scheduled.  Buyers will also monitor the selling levels on all television, radio and cable stations in order to utilize the lowest rates available.

Competitive:  Competitive intelligence is a crucial aspect of media strategy.  Knowing what the opposition is doing is an integral part of finessing the strategy and media plan.  Crossroads Media will provide timely competitive updates, ensuring all of the campaign players have an accurate picture of the paid media landscape.  Additionally, Crossroads Media tracks and reports spending and gross rating point (GRP) levels for the campaign’s opponents as well as its allies.

Reconciliation:  After all the research, planning and execution of media buys, the reconciliation process begins. While we provide a detailed summary of the placements post-airing, we begin analyzing the data during our schedules.  Crossroads Media monitors each order in realtime to ensure the spots are running as scheduled and are utilizing the lowest rates.

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