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Michael Dubke – Partner

In the spring of 2001, Michael Dubke founded Crossroads Media, LLC, and in the 2008 elections, Crossroads Media distinguished itself as one of the major media placement firms on the national scene.

Since 1988, Mike has been involved in local, state and federal politics, as well as issue and public policy advocacy.  His experience has brought him a unique understanding of the relationship between political strategy and public policy development.

Mike served as the Co-Founder and President of Americans for Job Security (AJS), helping the organization become active in over 45 states and spend more than $55 million in direct issue advocacy.  Prior to co-founding AJS, Mike held the position of Executive Director of both the Ripon Society and the Ripon Educational Fund.  As executive director, he oversaw the growth of the TransAtlantic Conference and the re-emergence of the Ripon Society as a participant in national politics.

Today, Mike is also a Founding Partner at the Black Rock Group, a strategic communications and public affairs firm, based in Alexandria, VA.  He is a graduate of Hamilton College, a Buffalo Bills season ticket holder and resident of Alexandria, VA, where he lives with his wife, Shannon, and their two children.

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